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Anti-reflective optical and custom coating

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Anti-reflective optical and custom coating

Antireflective optical coatings

The quality of spectacle lenses also depends on the properties of the coatings that are applied to these lenses. Special coatings are applied to the surface of spectacle lenses to improve consumer properties of the antireflective coating.Lens coatings are classified into the following types:

  • hardening (abrasion resistant);
  • anti-reflective (anti-reflective, anti-reflective or AR-coating);
  • dirt-repellent (lipophobic, oleophobic);
  • water repellent (hydrophobic);
  • dust-repellent (antistatic);
  • anti-reflective coating with the function of blocking the blue spectrum of radiation;
  • multifunctional (a combination of all of the above).

Custom optical coating

Optical lenses are optical components designed for focusing and diverging light. Optical lenses, which can consist of one or more elements, are used in a variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries use optical lenses, including life sciences, images, industry, or defense. When light passes through the lens, it is affected by the profile of the lens or substrate. We work with optics using a variety of protective and anti-reflective custom optical coatings for different types of optics, such as lenses, laser optics, ultrafast optics, and other types. Alpine research optics offers a wide range of optical lenses in various versions of substrates or coatings. Substrates include optical glasses, fused quartz, plastic, and IR material. Shapes include spherical singlet, doublet, triplet, (half) balls, domes, in addition to cylindrical or aspheric lenses.

Ultra light optics

In ARO, we strive to achieve maximum impact resistance, efficiency, and ease in each of our products and parts of ultra light optics. Optical devices with which our customers will work in the future are developed using the latest production technologies and at the same time, you can expect that these optical devices will perfectly serve your scientific project, medicine, or military affairs.

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